Arvo Part Hall


Rak Vere, Estonia





Partner in Charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Architect:

Mauricio Cristóbal

Rodrigo Jiménez



Alfonso Vargas Alejandro Rocha

Alejandra Carranza



Alejandro Rocha





In music the violin discovers itself with every note, discreet in size, light in its shape, but overwhelming among the group, respectful and harmonic, stands out without contrasting, and its balance. Our building it’s the same way, always present accompanying the plaza, it doesn’t break it, it fills the empty space that always existed and today we occupy, it’s the protagonist of the public space, of the city, of its people, of its history, that’s why it doesn’t break it, it’s not fashion, it’s not a tendency, it’s not an art piece, it’s not a sculpture, it’s architecture, it’s balance, it’s the Arvo Part Hall of the city of Rakvere.

For the plaza; any other void to fill would result in another model competi- tion: which building is “The prettiest” , we believe that it’s better not to try to fill the empty space, better yet create it, for us the best part of the plaza is its formal silence that the context creates.

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