Koi Tower located in San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, is a building complex consisting of commerce, offices and apartments.

The importance whitin this project was to create and adapt the project design manteining the architectonic quality that we had been keeping in previous dependencies and implemented it in a functional way to the current building already existing, without leaving behind the esthetics details.

This Complex has an emplacement to the lobby (N4), allowing the workers to get in and out through the lobby and allowing the free flow from the users to the lobby, who can also use the ATMs located inside this level. The control access guide the employees to the offices, informal meeting rooms, and to the council hall.

The second lobby (L4) is located at street level, is the main access coming from the outside, it has a parking zone and elevators to N4 level.

Visually speaking, the goal was to create a clean linear structure with finishes in granite for the floor and walls as well as spaces with white glass, being able to be part of the complex aesthetics without loosing our design identity, we kept the functional use of It by letting place electrostatic vinyl on the surface. The red color accents are used as an important part of the corporate image of BANORTE. It was used in a subtle way on the furniture and minimal details. To keep a clean and functional design, the electric and hydraulic installations are located behind the walls without sacrificing the double-heigh sealing. The air conditioning installations were located at the ceiling perimeter flowing through the racks that mimetice within the finishes.

The dining finishes were thought to preserve the clean and sober view; Concrete on the colums, porcelain floor and wood furniture designed to ease the service while maintaining the visual concept and the original structure elements. The red color is present in minimal details, The dining room becomes functional thanks to the rotating wooden panels, creating divisory walls that bringings versatility as well as turning the area from an open space to a private one for events or executive requests. The installations placement were resolved by the creation of an inclined wall, letting all of them remain behind the ceiling structure.

Partner in charge:

David Suárez

Project Architect:

David Suárez


Luis Barrera


Alexandre d'la Roche


2,818 sqm


Mexico City, Mexico

México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55