Consorcio Impulsa Office 




The Consorcio Impulsa Offices are located in the urban complex of Arcos Bosques, in a room with a double height and that in the floor plan, has two free areas for offices which share a service module; from the building’s structure a mezzanine is suspended that houses three private rooms, a board room, a general space that can serve nine people and services. On the ground floor, the proposal consists in two visually light panels that intersect and are reinforced by the directionality and lightness of a glass bridge that leads to the already mentioned work areas, where the transparency of the materials used expresses the chromatic gesture that highlights the merits of the private rooms and creates different atmospheres during day and night. 

Location:Mexico DF

Partner in Charge:Gerardo Broissin, Juan Carlos González

Area:520 m2


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México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55