Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral
Inspired in the movement of a conducting baton, the building design is composed of 5 concrete roofs moving up and down in harmony to give shape, space and light to the project.
University cultural center of GDL
The competition for university cultural center of Guadalajara gave us the possibility to sketch ideas...
"Parque Bicentenario"
The architectural strategy and scenery strategies consist of creating TWO interconnected LAKES, one for every 100 years of Independent and Modern history of Mexico
"Plaza Bicentenario"
Bicentennial: Let’s play with number 2: two hundreds and two cultures, two plazas, two levels, two pavements, two specialties. We must recover the open and controlled public space.
Estonian National Museum
We believe that the Estonian National Museum must have a strong image. It must be monumental
Grand Museum of Egypt
As a result of the admiration and the study of Egyptian culture, rises from the desert sand an element as pure as monumental, projected from the squared trace of the Giza pyramids, creating a pedestrian ramp that points to the pyramids as the first tourist encounter in the city of Cairo.
Arvo Part Hall
the emptiness of the space gives a sense of civism and presence to the plaza, we want to live it that way, clean and open.
Más Proyectos

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