This year’s Arch Days Pavilion called Egaligilo is located next to Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. Acts as an equalizer of forces between rational and parametric architecture while preserving a natural environment inside. Egaligilo means Equalizer in Esperanto, a language designed to facilitate international communication.


Modern architecture has remained valid through history as human understanding of functional spaces, this is represented by an orthogonal geometric enclosure composed by puzzle shaped concrete pieces, that modulates the pavilion’s dimensions and its steel structure. Parametric architecture is represented by an organic skin formed by white concrete circles, that strives to demonstrate its aesthetic value, to break the barrier of traditional paradigm, rationality of thought and to create its own language through technological development.


Egaligilo creates its own microclimate by preserving a series of atmospheric conditions required to mantain a small cloud forest inside the pavilion by allowing light and rain to seep inside through both skins, keeping the plants alive. The openings between the overlapping skins and the effects of artificial lighting, create different scenarios throughout the day, inviting the spectator to enter the pavilion redefining the narrow limit between inside and outside.


Finally, it seeks to raise awareness about the recycling of ephemeral structures and the main purpose of architecture: benefit humanity. Therefore, after the intervention the pavilion will be relocated and conditioned as a classroom in a struggling community.

Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Architect:

Luis Pimienta, Jorge Velázquez


Óscar Aguilar, Andrés Lara, Javier García, Gala Carrillo, Ana Cecilia Mercado


Alexandre d'la Roche,


50 sqm


Mexico City, Mexico


· London International Creative Competition, Honorable Mention in Instalation art. London, 2019.

· Noldi Schrek Award, second place in Ephemeral Architecture and Pavillions. Mexico, 2019.

México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55