· London International Creative Competition, Honorable Mention in Installation. UK, 2016.

“From the airplane to the paper boat” is an instalation entrusted by Glocal 2014 and Masisa which figured at Polanco during the Design week Mexico.

It was particulary placed at Lincoln park; this place has been witness of infinite moments captured by time in which the parents play with their children on a mirrow,clean as canvas with imagination and its inherent metamorphosis , like the paper plane while flying it flexes, trans- forms and becomes the decending representation of the tímeles psyche from those who are led by the ephemeral yet eternal remaining bond which flotes in the water... 

Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Manager:

Gerardo Broissin, Adrián Téllez


Alexandre d'la Roche


Mexico City, Mexico

México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55