This project is developed in an existing building which complies with all regulations needed already such as; space, sanitary services, illumination level, parking, accessibility and emergency exits. This new  facilities has the porpouse of gathering the office employees in one single place; 850 persons grouped in a 10,500 m2 area.

A hint of red color was integrated as an iconic part of the brand, applied in some walls and furniture. As for the logo, it was located on the counter área, visible for the customer and visitors from any angle.

The levels destined to offices, includes from floor 10th to 14th. The guideline when designing was to generate as much space as posible, by attatching the largest amount of private offices to the building central nucleus and west facade, allowing to create a considerable open área. On second, we wanted to generate fluidity to the space and circulation, obtained by creating inclined angles and dismissing the straight ones.

On the 10th floor is located the dining room, with capacity for 200 diners. This space has the posibility to be divided by  a mobil wall, generating an area for private events. It has a kitchen and two concessioned food bars. The bright color palette allows the employee to have a break from the working enviroment. The visual contrast unlike the working, áreas let the diners to clear their minds and relax in a pleasant warm place.

 For the finishes materials, we proposed a two-toned carpet that cross each other with a pixel pattern that opens to a open área. The tempered glass with frosted film on the private offices creates a sort of look alike capsules generating a dynamic workspace adapted to a innovative working scheme. The furniture plays an important role in the project by its characteristics. First os all, its heigh of 1.30m allows the light to go through the whole área, private offices and boardrooms, and second, the storage furniture, that can contain a larger number of documents without leaving the aesthetic element in the project.

 On floor 14th is located the director’s board and the council hall, becoming an elegant and slightly more sober space, given an exclusive touch thanks to the furniture that distinguishes from other corporate departments, also giving the offices hierarchy by locating them in áreas with privileged views.

The executives have private and exclusive Access from a double hight lobby with a space and  furniture  for informal meetings. This zone is communicated to the rest of the floor by controlled Access, it has also a direct access to the senior management in level 15 by a staircase located in that same double height lobby.

The Senior Management on floor 15th is the most outstanding of them all, the chromatic proposal merges with the finishes of black porcelain and Wood panels with linear profiles, responding to the space operation needs ans image design. The furniture is more elegant and distinguished from the rest of the executives private offices. It has a boardroom for 10 people for the C.E.O’s needs. Next  to this space is located the council hall, a warm, elegant & sober space thankst to the use of wood walls ; this hall has technologic elements being able to to be adapted in function to the space.

Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin, David Suárez

Project Architect:

David Suárez, Alfonso Vargas


Bruno Roche, Zyanya Mendoza, Luis Barrera, Rosario Mestre, Mariana Martínez Cairo


Alexandre d'la Roche


7,950 sqm


Mexico City, Mexico

México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55