Sonora, México


Partner in Charge:

Garardo Broissin



Alejandro Rocha



2010- under  construction

Itáai is a Project for the development of a camp-themed hotel with ecological profile where you can conduct adventure activities and extreme water sports. The project includes the construction of modules called “glamping” (glamour+camping) where guests will stay to visit the bay. There is also an area called “social” in which areas will have an apace to eat, read play swim and relax.

The same range of materials are provided for all modules and spaces that from the project, these materials were selected for having similar characteristics. They are native to the region natural or the less processed possible, require little maintenance. Can be recycled, cause or not a little erosion to the environment and easy to install.

México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55