Kinder Alpine


Mexico City


Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin

Alfonso Vargas



Alfonso Vargas







This project “Kinder Alpine” was born from the client ́s necessity to expand and renew the original facilities. To make it happen, the client acquired the neighboring property, where the new director ́s office would be relocated. Also a new multipurpose room was designed on the upper level of this new building. Separate from this building a small psychology office is located, and the rest of the property was used as a playground.

The original construction was modified changing some interior spaces and designing a new motor lobby that would help the future traffic of the street Secretaria de Marina that in the near future would have trouble with traffic due to the construction of some new residential complexes nearby. Another new arrangement made in the old property was the construction of a new psychomotor therapy classroom.

Due to the lack of character in the original façade and as part of the remodel- ing project, the appearance of the façade we incorporated in the volumetric spaces, basic geometric shapes and the vivid colors of the corporate image of the kinder garden. We gave this new volumes a horizontal stripes treatment. The result was simple volumes with vivid colors that are pleasing to the eye of the final user “The children”. 

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