Mexico's Pavillion to Expo Milan 2015, Third Place


Project Manager:

Gerardo Broissin 



Alejandro Rocha

David Suárez

Mauricio Cristóbal

José Luis García

Bruno Roche

Adrián Téllez 

Damariz Gonzalez Monserrat Jiménez



Alejandro Rocha




Milan 2015

There are five modules that make up the project’s plastic, the structural engineering and the display in a homogeneous and forcefully manner creating an outstanding relationship between architecture and the proposed themes for

the exhibition.

These are the modules that guide and form the energy of reflection and opportunities that the pavilion displays; first in the meditation at the Seed Waterfall that reclaims the space itself to the visitors. The visitors have access to the edge of the analogic cascade to drop from the top to the fertile soil, a seed. So ... fuelling the planet as it has done nobly to mankind from old times, it will be a personal reflection motivated by the visitors by the reigning theme of the Expo ( Feeding the Planet , Energy for life ). And secondly in a pavilion avid to uniquely expose the vast selection of fertile soils and cuisine of our country, through multimedia video projected verti- cally to the sky in the two remaining structures identified as food Monocle Mexico and Agricultural Monocle of Mexico. These Monocles are placed in the open - covered cover area now crowned by two huge screens that display the video received of the selected theme of the exhibit.


Ground floor
first Level
Second Level
Roof Plan
Interior Feeding
Interior Feeding
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