Motlawa Apartments


Gsank Poland


Partner in Charge:

Gerardo Broissin




Our project offers to the user a recreational surface, public squares and green areas that create a link between the inhabitants. Nowadays, the migra- tion has become an important issue in Gdansk. For this reason, we propose a modular kind of dwelling that can be adapted to the flexibility of new condi- tions. We have divided the housing cells in three groups in accordance with its surface: 56 sqm, 93 sqm and 130 sqm. This classification allows the modu- lar combinations and a perfect construction process by programmatic phases. The enormous variety of green areas and terraces allows the interaction between the users; they are conceived in pleasant spaces of great attractive- ness. The comfort of the inhabitants is the premise that has guided us. For that reason, we have chosen to set the houses way to the south, so that we can favor the entrance of light and sun through the apartments, as well as equipping them with a pleasant climate. Looking for abundance of green areas, we have proposed two parking buildings that fulfill the demand. Their strate- gic location at the end of one of the two terrains, allows a clear view of the urban proposal. 

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