Estonian National Museum


Tartu, Estonia


Project Manager

Gerardo Broissin


In Collaboration with:

S&A Soriano y Palacios 


Project Architect:

Mauricio Cristóbal Rodrigo Jiménez



Christiann Fink

Nazaret Gutiérrez

Eva Hermoso

Leonor Macedo

Carlos Rubio

Leticia Saéz

Lucía Carmen Pérez

Jessica Vega

Marwan Zoein

Alejandro Rocha




We believe that the Estonian National Museum must have a strong image. It must be monumental. This character must not only order an urban area with no apparent rhyme or references, -it’s a growing area that it is not significant enough elements to tell the city how to grow-, but also build a new image of the country. An image that should be independent and emphatic, with references but technologically advanced. The building is very complex and a museum is no longer an empty vessel that houses a collection. Programs today have expanded, embracing and adding applications that were not previously considered. Today a museum is a space, a journey, an explanation, but it is also a place of leisure, a great shop, cafeterias, a place for research, is a cult. A museum should allow various visits even if the collection doesn’t change. Therefore we have worked with it considering that the shape of the building should arise from work on the program. We wanted an attractive structure. It is proposed to use the volume envelope of the museum as structural walls. This skin folds like origami in a general form of the building envelope. It is therefore possible that all flights and setbacks must be supported by the inclined planes decided to turn the settlement house 30 ° to the west, allowing the entry of the sun on cold days, as the wind in warm days. 


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