Grand Museum of Egypt


Cairo, Egypt



Egipt Goverment  contest


Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Architect:

Mauricio Cristobal Rodrigo Jiménez



Diego Jiménez, Verónica Rebollar 





-Jury Selection, International Architecture Competition, Egypt Government, GEM-The Grand Egiptian Museum. Giza, Egypt, 2003


As a result of the admiration and the study of Egyptian culture, rises from the desert sand an element as pure as monumental, projected from the squared trace of the Giza pyramids, creating a pedestrian ramp that points to the pyramids as the first tourist encounter in the city of Cairo. People, who visit this ramp-viewpoint, will inevitably become accomplice of this great museum; walking along 450 m of scenery, people will be capable to appreciate the admirable greatness of this culture. During the day you’ll be able to see in the building’s skin a golden engraving of hieroglyphics that will shine with the sun light resulting an Egyptian lecture from the architectural object. During the night, it turns into a solid and lighted silhouette from the interior. The openings towards the exterior clearly indicate important points of encounter.

The architectural program is resolved along 2 slope walls, which rotate in their own vertical axis and respond functionally to the object and to the aesthetic of the space; three platforms adhere to the slope walls. A ramp gives access to each of the three levels. Tutankhamen’s tomb is located in the farthest point of the museum. To get to it is necessary to go through a tunnel that leads you to a staircase which simulates the original tomb. 

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