Pierre Fabre Mexico


Mexico City



Pierre Fabre


Architect in Charge:

Adrián  Téllez


Project Manager:

Gerardo Broissin



Esaú Campos
René chacón
Thelma Blake
Pablo Baranda
Monserrat Jiménez



1800 m2



The office located in Mexico City, is part of Pierre Fabre's laboratories divition. The Brand is one of the three Largest pharmaceutical groups in France. This office includes 137 work areas, mostly open offices,

The Acces from the elevator is worker's and visitor's first visual backtack, where they find themselves with a White, clean and subtle space with a sculptural Wall with a screen that is constantly projecting images about the brand to the visitors.

The reception access has two entrances, one on each side of the plant, for more control and security. The visitor will find the reception desk and the waiting area as the main boardroom. The interview rooms are sorounded by glass in order to keep the offices open but private at the same time.

The premise of the project is the core office of the whole office which is attached to the existing center of the building, which includes restrooms, archive, waregouse areas, data center, mantenance and IDF, plus access to the boardrooms. Within this nucleus is also a meeting room and office area.

Thef furniture proposed is an essential part of the project concept, breaking the rigidity of the typical work area with a lot more organic and dynamic layout, wich allows a collaborative and direct working system with all areas.

The Project has three boardrooms located in three corners of the plant, for private use that belongs to each director.

An important part of this office is the dinning room. Located on floor 8, houseup to 47 workers and has a rest area within it. Next to the dinning room there is an area that can be used as a showroom or a training room for future workers, at the same time this area can be divided into two independent areas.

We thought of an efficient flexible design, for the building finding the energetic and functional part and for the day-to-day user, adapting the Project to new needs while allowing a pleasant working space that helps to optimize the performance of its users.

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