Romo House


San Luis Potosí


Partner in charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Manager:

Rodrigo Jiménez


Project Architect:

Alfonso Vargas



Alfonso Vargas

Mónica Duarte

Saúl Candia

Raúl Sifuentes

Josué Muñíz

José Pacheco

Sergio Covarrubias






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The project is located in one of the most wanted recidential divition of the city, thanks to its proximity to primary schools, universities, shopping centers, and work, as well as the Tangamanga park; the main lung of the city. The house consists of three rows of stacked volumes; the garage at the botton following common areas and the last row of private areas. The formal concept is based on a set of hollow boxes stacked, born directly from the arid and rugged terrain, these volumes are stacked on other base pair volumes, which give the impression that they are regular extensions of the ground thanks to its natural finish black quarry and compacted soil.

The project aims to maximize natural resources, from lighting to ground morphology which in defines almost all the functional concept of the house.