Shelter 02

Shelter 02


Hacienda de la Concepción 



Concurso para el gobierno de Canadá


Partner in Charge:

Gerardo Broissin


Project Manager:

David Suárez


Project Achitects:

Alejandro Rocha

Carla Brancaccio

Raúl Ruíz

Daniela Jiménez

Trini Rueda

Raúl Hernandez

Edson Martínez

Juan Manuel Vargas



Gerardo Broissin

Alejandro Rocha

Juan Carlos González








-1st place,Premio Nacional de Interiorismo , Sustentabilidad, Mexico 2010


SHELTER 02 is a house for two or three people of any socio-economic level, prefabricated, economic, modular, expandable to connect more modules, and environmental friendly.It’s a real house, built originally as an exhibition stand in the year 2008, thanks to USG Mexico. In the summer of 2009, it was assembled on the shores of Lake Hacienda de la Concepción. It is an essay of housing study; it could become another option for affordable housing at short time of construction, but beyond speculations about its future, it has become a built house, with controversy and has detonated ideas in the collective and individual thoughts of those who have walked, felt and lived it for at least 10 minutes and of those three or four people who have slept in it.

The unit is developed in three levels; the ground floor, is the access and has an hydroponic area; the first level has the public area, with a tiny kitchen, a study, a living room and a bathroom; the second level has the private area with two open bedrooms, a study and a closet. 

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