Cesantoni 2015
USG 2014
We thought of continuing the line of innovation and avant-garde as in the past years
Saint-Gobain  2014
The stand design involves two main factors, the material, the main star of the company and the image intended to be projected
Milan 2015
There are five modules that make up the project’s plastic, the structural engineering and the display in a homogeneous and forcefully manner
USG 2012
This design was based on visual games. Starting by a series of planes, with the repetition of a rectangular module
USG  2011
we designed an unprec- edented piece for the brand that shows the flexibility and qualities of their brand
USG  2010
The design of the stand shows three solid bodies
Showroom Osram
The creation of the prefab module, in this case a wooden ring, was a must because of the quickness that the construction required and the limited budget available
USG 2009
The design of this stand starts with the idea of showing the different prod- ucts of USG in a direct and punctual way
Area Creativa Stand
This is a stand in which the client wants to showcase its design capacity and experience in the area of advertising
Elementia 2010
The aim of this stand was to achieve the combination of seven totally different companies together
Más Proyectos

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