Sua Hotel




It is an exclusive hotel boutique that along the ground floor gives an open environment, easy and fluid connections where we can find the pool, the bar and restaurant; it has all the necessary services for the guests so they can enjoy all day long without leaving the hotel. It is a 900 m hotel, distributed in 3 levels on a 700 sqm field; it counts with 20 simple rooms and 4 doubles, where each one of them has its own style, the guest is welcomed by multicolor curtains that leads them towards their room and to their surprise they can see the hour marked on the fabric, a literary edging full of thoughts and dreams to the newcomers. In the evening, a light white veil of seductive shapes caused by the wind through the corridor that closes and contains, creates an intimacy sensation towards the private area of the hotel. 


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Location:Cuernavaca Morelos, México

Partner in Charge:Gerardo Broissin, Jose Luís García

Project Architects: Mauricio Cristóbal, Rodrigo Jiménez


Year: 2006

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