SWS House




Shelter 02

For this upper middle class family house, we thought in a conventional design that would stay in space and time, so we design a house 100% functional with straight lines and well- defined volumes and ordered spans and as an immediate response to the interior function. A lantern in the southwest façade allows the entry of sun in the morning creating a nice light and shade game within the public area of the house and studio located upstairs. 


Location: Rancho San Juan, Ciudad López Mateos

Partner in Charge: Gerardo Broissin

Project Architect: Jose Luís García

Interior Design: Gabriela Maldonado, Alejandro Rocha, Enrique Guillén, David Suárez, Alfonso Vargas, Rodrigo Jiménez, Mauricio Cristóbal

Area: 1800m2

Year: 2012


México 44 44 24 14 · San Luis Potosí 44 42 10 09 01 · Tijuana 66 46 85 80 55